Tommy & Jennifer White – Campus Ministers for Impact Campus Ministries 

Hello! We are interested in your story… how you got to Salt Lake City or any other beautiful part of Utah!  Our story is a long and beautiful one, with stops in Nebraska, Kansas, Oregon, and back to Nebraska again.  Though there are many stories to be told and many people to introduce you to, we want you to know that we’re excited to be here.  We look forward to meeting you!  Though we’ve only been here since December of 2008, we’re discovering a deep appreciation for the young people of this valley and a growing hunger to get to know our Creator better. We’d love to get to know you and hear your story… Perhaps over a cup of coffee!  We believe you’re important to God; therefore, you’re important to us.  We hope we can encourage you on your exciting adventure called life!  That’s why we’re here! Tommy’s Facebook | Jennifer’s Facebook | Contact Tommy or Jennifer

Brett Ricley – Associate Campus Minister for Impact Campus Ministries

ricley_holidaysHey! My wife Nicole and I were married June 7, 2008 and I consider her my best friend. She is definitely the most valuable asset to me and our family. We have one son, Jonathan, who was born December 30, 2010. He’s pretty much the coolest kid ever….you’ll see what I mean when you meet him.

We moved to Salt Lake from Omaha, NE  in August 2012 for the purpose of doing life with college students in community. We believe Jesus is worth it and we hope to live our lives in a way that you and others see what we mean. We are nothing close to perfect and we have doubts and questions about following Jesus but we hope that you’ll journey with us as we seek the answers together. We’d love to hear your story, meet you, and share a meal with you. We value, love, and respect everyone no matter where you’re at in life or in the context of spirituality. You can belong here, with us, in community with others.

We enjoy movies, Brian Regan, good coffee, great food, game nights, music, and spontaneous happenings with anyone willing to be spontaneous with us! Look us up on Facebook and let’s hang out. Brett’s Facebook | Contact Brett