ImpactU in Salt Lake City is getting ready to begin the new semester.  We have great news: Our recruit from Nebraska, Brett Ricley, will be here on the ground helping us kick things off!

Kick off week for the area campuses begin the week of August 20.  We will be prayer walking on several campuses leading up to that week: University of Utah, Westminster College and Salt Lake Community College.  Once the week begins, we plan to be tabling some of the time at the ‘U’ with hopes of engaging students in conversation as well as sharing about our campus ministry opportunities.  During kick-off week we’ll be inviting students over to our house for a grill out party as well as to our church services.

The University of Utah is our primary target due to its size (over 30,000 students).  The ‘U’ is a commuter campus which presents some major challenges for campus ministry.  Traditional campus ministry doesn’t work very well here, so we will continue to grow our ‘relational type of ministry;’ meeting a student for coffee in the student unions, at a local coffee shop, or at their apartment to encourage them to make good choices and to pursue God.

We’ve connected to a freshman student and several staff members at Westminster College which we’re hoping will enable our ministry efforts to take hold.

We also have relationships with students and staff in the Salt Lake Community College system.


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