Make A Local & Global Impact!

We believe that every person matters and therefore we make an effort individually and as a group to impact our world, locally and globally, through service projects and social justice initiatives. Check out our homepage for upcoming service projects, events, and social justice initiatives. Or check out the past projects and initiatives we’ve been a part of below.


| We serve locally in Salt Lake at places like Holdling Out HELP which seeks to help individuals and families escape the slavery of polygamy within the FLDS community. We also look for opportunities to serve homeless shelters, on campus, in our neighborhoods and communities.

| We serve by taking short trips outside of our city to get a better understanding of other cultures.  We recently took a spring break retreat to the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming.  We learned how better to reach the Shoshone and Arapaho nations with the Gospel, along with fun and food and games (pictured below).



           | We serve by raising dollars within our group to purchase Bibles to send to West Africa (pictured below), enabling young people to have their very own Bible to read and take with them and put by their pillow at night to protect them.


GLOBAL | We mobilize students’ passions and energy to raise money for the Rapha House (pictured below) which is a non-profit organization that seeks to fight child sex trafficking and exploitation in Cambodia and around the world. You can even read about how ImpactU was even featured in the Daily Utah Chronicle for this initiative.

Raising Awareness & Funds for Rapha House on campus

We would love to hear about your passions to end injustice locally and around the globe and explore how we can partner together as well to make a tangible difference. If you’re interested, contact us!

holding out help


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